Southeast Asian Football Focus: Why AseanBola?

With a combined population of approximately 627 million people from the 11 nations (Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippines, Brunei Darussalam, Laos, Cambodia and Timor Leste), Southeast Asia is a fascinating region of contrasts.

There is no distinct homogeneity in this part of the world as diverse cultures, multiple lingua franca and differing nationalist mentalities abound in these states.

A sport that holds the region together for its massive popularity at the grassroots level is The Beautiful Game. The nations’ respective approaches to football reflect their societies and cultures at large. An echo that resonates to their people.

Photo Credit: Charles Loh/Singapore Southeast Asian Games Organising Committee

In AseanBola, it aims to provide a unique perspective from the local front as it explores how the state of the game remains of relevance and interest to the Southeast Asian nations.

Founded by a native of this region, it aims to bring these regional issues from a local perspective, as is depicted by the theme of this football blog.

Without further ado, to all reading the introductory post, have fun with AseanBola!

Yours in football,

Gary Koh

Founder and chief editor of AseanBola