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European Club Tours in Southeast Asia in 21st Century

While overseas tours by football clubs have been growing in numbers and miles since the early half of the 20th century, it is in the 21st century when they take a commercial dimension as the big-name teams travel beyond their... Continue Reading →

Have Timor Leste ‘Cheated’ Their Way to Silver Medals?

(Headline Photo Credit: Huang Xiaolong/ Asean University Games 2016) Before the biennial Asean University Games (AUG) football tournament in Singapore, Timor Leste had not made any notable impression at international football since their sovereign independence in 2002. 10 days in... Continue Reading →

Can Thailand Finally Scale Beyond SEA Heights?

(Headline Photo Credit: Asean Football Federation) Football fans in Thailand are having it awesome these days. The good days of Thai football are back following the exploits of national and club sides in Southeast Asia and beyond in the first... Continue Reading →

ASEAN’s World Cup Qualifying Dreams Remains a Pipedream

Following the joint World Cup-Asian Cup qualifying results of the Southeast Asian representatives over the past fortnight, the aspiration of reaching the top echelons of the world game remains just as that. The majority of the region endured a torrid... Continue Reading →

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